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(Porto Alegre | RS - Brazil, 1987) Manu is a visual artist and develops her work through drawing and painting techniques, using paper as her main medium. Among the materials most used in her practice are graphite, gouache ink and posca pens. Her creative process happens mainly through the dialogue between drawing and painting. The work is the result of loose combinations; abstract scenarios built of shapes, lines, overlays and colours. The results emerge from a journey taken in the form of play, influenced by movements common in children's drawings. Her work sometimes takes on a more graphic and defined approach, becoming almost figurative. At other times, it emerges through more gestural and spontaneous forms.

​Currently, in addition to working as a visual artist, Manu also works as a designer, proposing and executing graphic projects, such as designing logos, covers, posters, websites, and others. She has also created a small stationery line, where she applies her own design prints to stationery such as calendars, planners, stickers, cards and gift wrap.

In 2005, she started a BA in Visual Arts at UFRGS (Federal University of Rio Grande do Sul), specialising in Painting. She was always fascinated by the abstract concept, its colours and unusual shapes and enjoyed trialling new possibilities while exploring the various materials available.

From 2008 to 2010, in addition to working as an arts administrator for the Postgraduate Program in Visual Arts as part of a scholarship, she worked as a painting instructor at UFRGS’ Institute of Art. Outside the university, she was also involved in research projects on juggling, where she was influenced by the circus aesthetic. She participated in research projects with the Contraqueda group (of which she was a co-founder), which combined contemporary dance and circus practices. In 2012, after graduating with a BA in Visual Arts, Manu resumed her drawing and painting practice.

Manu has held many solo exhibitions in Porto Alegre, including Playful Gesture in 2015 - a series of drawings at StudioClio curated by Blanca Brites. She was selected for the 20th and 21st Salon of Visual Arts of the Porto Alegre City Council, receiving an Honourable Mention and the Acquisition Award, respectively. In 2016, she launched the book Ambidestros (in partnership with independent publisher Azulejo Arte Impressa) followed by an exhibition of the original drawings that were commissioned especially for the project. The event took place at Galeria pop-up Aura at Shopping Iguatemi. In 2017, she was selected for the group exhibition Drawing and Painting – The Newest Generation, at the Museu do Trabalho. In 2018, she was part of the artist collective Amarra, participating in art fairs such as Graphic Stop, Paper and Sum - Independent Art Market.

In addition to her artistic practice, Manu has also worked in the cultural production and education sectors. Between 2012 and 2016, she worked as a full time assistant at Porto Alegre’s City Hall’s Visual Arts Coordination department; she assisted in the production of events and exhibition setups, as well as supporting the marketing and graphic design of promotional materials. The main events produced were the acclaimed Açorianos Prize for Visual Arts; the International Salon of Press Drawings; and the exhibitions part of the Commission of Gallery Occupation (Exhibition Sector) and the Artistic Archive (Pinacoteca Ruben Berta and Aldo Locatelli). Between 2018 and 2019, Manu worked as an assistant teacher in a children's studio called The Small Artist, also situated in Porto Alegre.

visual arts

solo exhibitions

Porto Alegre | RS 


Drawings – Pinacoteca Bar. 2017

Book launch of Ambidestros + exhibition of originals – Galeria pop-up Aura (Iguatemi). 2016

Playful Gesture, Studio Clio. 2015

Project Bohemian Art, Espaço Cultural 512. 2013 


group exhibitions

Porto Alegre | RS


Actually Maybe – Complex Skatepark. 2017

Small Shapes – Ateliê O Bestiário. 2017

Painting and Drawing, The Newest Generation - Museu do Trabalho. 2017

5th Collective Exhibition of Acervo Independente. 2016

A False Step in Emptiness - 1 year of Azulejo Arte Impressa, Acervo Independente. 2016

Retrospective Award IEAVI (State Institute of Visual Arts). 2014

Fresh Faces -  Galpon. 2014

Acervo Independente's Collective. 2014

1º Liquidating with Art - Ateliê O Bestiário e Comparsas. 2013

Spontaneous Processes – IEAVI. 2013

Contemporary Tendencies – 3rd Module. Institute of Art, UFRGS. 2011

salons / awards


Acquisition Award - 21st Salon of Visual Arts of the Porto Alegre City Council. 2016

Honourable Mention - 20th Salon of Visual Arts of the Porto Alegre City Council. 2014



Ambidestros - published by Azulejo Arte Impressa. 2016

Magazine J'adore #3 - published drawing. 2016

1ª edition of magazine Volver - Verb-Visual Provocations - published painting. 2014

gallery partnerships


Calafia Art Store (Porto Alegre/RS)

Quadra (Rio de Janeiro/RJ) - 2017 a 2019

Aura (São Paulo/SP) – 2016 a 2018

graphic art fairs


Graphic Stop (Amarra collective) – Museu do Trabalho. Porto Alegre | RS 2017

A6 Graphic Fair (Amarra collective) - Various editions. Porto Alegre | RS 2018

Noa Noa 2nd Fair of printed art (Studio Vinco) -  Atelier Livre. Porto Alegre | RS 2018

Sum Independent Art Market (Studio Vinco) - Instituto Ling. Porto Alegre | RS 2018

Foliage Prints and Publications Fair (Amarra collective) Casa Baka. Porto Alegre | RS 2018

The Press - Art Fair (Studio Vinco) - MARGS (Rio Grande do Sul's Museum of Art) Porto Alegre | RS 2019

graphic design

Marketing design for company Zona Verde. Vila Velha | ES 2020

Brand and graphic design project for site Labemus (Laboratory of studies of social theory and change) Vila Velha | ES 2020

Brand design for KokedaMarias. Porto Alegre | RS 2019

Cover Album Art design for Time Circle by Rafael Lopes. Porto Alegre | RS 2015

Graphic design for materials for Porto Alegre’s City Hall’s Visual Arts Coordination department | RS 2013 - 2016

juggling and circus

Member of juggling group Contraqueda. Porto Alegre/RS 2008-2010

Main activities as a member: Waiting State in 2008 (research into juggling and contemporary dance piece accomplished through the Scholarship in Further Training of Circus Practices from FUNARTE); Participation in the 5th World Circus Festival - Edition Year of France in Brazil. Belo Horizonte/MG em 2009; Ocuppied  in 2010 (urban intervention piece accomplished through Award Carequinha of Stimulus for the Circus from FUNARTE). Member of the organisational team of the 12th Brazilian Convention of Juggling and Circus, which took place in São Leopoldo | RS in 2010.

professional experience

Teaching assistant at children's studio The Small Artist. Porto Alegre/RS 2018-2019

Assistant at architecture studio Tupinikim. Porto Alegre | RS 2017

Full time Assistant at Porto Alegre’s City Hall’s Visual Arts Coordination department at the Secretary of Culture. 2013 a 2016

Internship at Porto Alegre's City Hall. 2012

Scholarship at the Post-Graduate Programme in Visual Arts – UFRGS. 2011 - 2012

Academic Painting instructor at module Advanced Painting I at the Department of Visual Arts – UFRGS. 2009

Member of the executing team of extra curricular university activity Mural Painting of UFRGS: 100 years of IA - 2008


academic education

BA in Visual Arts – Federal University of Rio Grande do Sul, 2011.


Cultural Management and Production (40h) – Liga Cultural Production. Porto Alegre | RS 2017

Technical Training in Graphic Design (264h) SENAC Porto Alegre | RS 2012 

University extension course Groups and networking results (12h) - Unisinos. São Leopoldo | RS 2006

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