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The book Ambidestros (Ambidextrous) was launched in 2016 (published by Azulejo Arte Impressa), and followed by an exhibition of the project's especially commissioned original drawings. The event took place at Galeria pop-up Aura at Shopping Iguatemi in Porto Alegre.

Ambidestros was born from the artist's personal research, started in 2012, looking at exploring the possibilities of composing a drawing using both hands. The idea originated from the desire to explore writing with the left hand, as Manu had trained in calligraphy in this way since childhood, despite being right-handed. The book's drawings explore loose playful forms, inspired by circus aesthetics and are drawn from the balance between right hand control and left hand inability.

The book is available through the publisher's site 

Azulejo Arte Impressa,

independent publisher and project partner.

The originals are on sale at Calafia Art Store.

Livro ambidestros
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